In 1921 Robert Paulin purchased six hectares of land just across the Clutha River from the small township of Clyde. The population of the region had boomed during the gold rush and the new settlers to this region were beginning to recognise the potential for horticulture in the area. The unique micro climate, warm and dry summers, abundance of water from both the Clutha and Fraser rivers as well as pockets of nutrient rich soil nestled under the hills made it ideal for fruit growing.

Clyde Orchards is now owned and operated by Kevin and Raymond Paulin, the grandsons of Robert. Clyde Orchards properties in Earnscleugh and Bannockburn now cover over 100 hectares of land, produce 50 varieties of stonefruit and export to more than 15 countries worldwide.

The Earnscleugh Valley is home to our packhouse, head office and seven orchard blocks. Both our Cravo houses are also in this area. The original family orchard was purchased in this region and with a rich history of fruit growing this is the region that is most considered home for Clyde Orchards.
Clyde Orchards has been working out of the Bannockburn region for over 20 years. Originally leasing only the Phoenix Block, we have grown to operating five blocks in this area.