About Clyde Orchards

Located in Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand, Clyde Orchards is one of the regions best known producers of high quality stonefruit.

The fruit produced from Clyde Orchards has a reputation as New Zealand’s finest. Optimum growing conditions, combined with three generations of fruit growing knowledge, ensure that only the sweetest and juiciest fruits leave the orchards for market.

Every season Clyde Orchards supplies both local and international markets with cherries, apricots, nectarines and peaches.

Clyde Orchards is on Earnscleugh Road, Clyde, New Zealand. This area has been known for stonefruit production for the past 150 years. In recent times much of the land around this area has been planted in grapes, another crop that does well in the arid soil and sunny location of Central Otago. Some of New Zealands finest wines are grown on neighbouring properties and often its the stonefruit flavours in these wines that make them so outstanding.

Clyde Orchard cherries being distributed from the market in Guangzhou, China (2019)

Following in their family tradition Kevin and Raymond Paulin have stuck to what they know best; growing stonefruit.

The orchards have grown to meet the changing markets. Clyde Orchards now exports to various locations around the globe – as far afield as Russia, Europe and China. During the growing season the orchards and pack house employ over 150 staff making a considerable contribution to the local economy.