Picnic Cherry

Picnic Grown exclusively by Clyde Orchards, Picnic cherries are our premium cherry brand. By growing these cherries in our Cravo houses and on well selected locations in Bannockburn and Earnscleugh, Picnic Cherries will be available throughout New Zealand and our Asian markets from early December onwards. Treat yourself and have a Very CHERRY Christmas!

Cherries in box


The Lapin cherry is the first of our big three export cherries. They have a firm flesh with an incredible burst of flavour, very reliable, travel well and should be snapped up when available.


One of the most sought after cherries in the Chinese market, the Kordia has a long and skinny body, dark skin and is the sweetest of all the cherries.

Sweetheart Sweetheart cherries are large, tight, glossy and ruby-red to dark-red in colour with a sweet flavour.

cherry packing

Skeena is a very large and firm late-season cherry, with dark red flesh and dark red to black skin.

buckets of cherries

Staccato cherries are the last of the season. They are large, firm and super glossy. They have a flat heart shape and an excellent, sweet flavour.


Ranier is proving to be very successfully grown in our Cravo’s. Being very sweet and crunchy, this yellow cherry is sought after on both the domestic and export markets.

Clyde Orchard’s innovated orchard management allows them to grow sweet, crunchy, rich flavor cherries. All these characteristics are extremely attractive to consumers, and Clyde Orchard’s cherries are now the most beloved cherries in Taiwan.